Senate Room, Institute of Historical Research, London
Thursday 20th June 2013

09.15-09.55   Registration and coffee

09.55-10.00   Welcome

10.00-10.40   Keynote speech
David d’Avray (UCL)  Papal Power and Royal Marriages

10.40-11.55   Panel 1
Alixe Bovey (Kent)  The World in Hand: Christ, Kings, and the globus cruciger
Matthew Philips (Nottingham)  Petitions, Prelates and Pragmatism: The Clerical Gravamina in Fourteenth-Century England
Miri Rubin (QMUL)  The Making of a Martyr: William of Norwich

11.55-12.05   Short break

12.05-12.55   Panel 2
Bernard Hamilton (Nottingham)  The Power of Tradition: The Papacy and the Churches of the East, c.1100-1300
Jan Vandeburie (Kent) Celebrem Praedicatorem – Jacques de Vitry’s Ecclesiastical Career in Europe and the Latin East

12.55-13.50   Lunch (provided)

13.50-14.30   Keynote speech
Brenda Bolton (London)  Manifestations of Papal Power: The Art of Governing in absentia

14.30-15.45   Panel 3
Paul Binski (Cambridge)  What Makes the Visual Arts Powerful?
Emma Dillon (KCL)  Music and the Expression of Ecclesiastical Authority: The Case of Philip the Chancellor
Claudia Bolgia (Edinburgh)  The Throne of Peter and the See of Rome: John XXII and the Façade Mosaics of S. Paolo fuori le mura

15.45-16.15   Tea break (refreshments provided)

16.15-17.30   Panel 4
Sophie Ambler (KCL)  The Church and the Propaganda of Political Reform in Thirteenth-Century England
Nicholas Vincent (UEA) Who Goes First? Rank and Order Amongst the Bishops of Henry II’s Court
Barbara Bombi (Kent)  Administrative and Diplomatic Practice in the Early Fourteenth Century: Anglo-Papal Relations after the Election of Pope Clement V

17.30-18.10   Keynote speech
Malcolm Vale (Oxford)  Secular Culture and the Church in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

18.10-18.15   Thanks and closing

18.15-18.45   Wine reception


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